Key Expertise

TRILI MAJU is known for its strong reputation in Intermodal container logistics and diversity in all Malaysian Ports, railing connectivity and container terminals including full pledge M&R services, focusing in ASEAN & Asia. Its services offering covers a broad spectrum of cross-border and domestic railing, transshipment facilitation, reefer and non-reefer container services, end to end delivery, HALAL Supply Chain throughout the mass networking across the globe.


Global & Domestic Logistics

Transporting across borders with multiple mode of connectivity and fulfilling different countries requirement while meeting customer time and service-level demand for projects with flexibility and cost efficiency.


Reefer Center of Excellence

Full pledge reefer machinery repair and maintenance services, including warranty service for reefer machinery international makers. A centre that resolves your reefer questions and needs.


Freight & Forwarding

Extensive routes under our global networking with value added services at both origin and destination, fulfilling custom requirements with our expert advice and facilitation.


Halal Connectivity

Halal Connectivity & TM Halal Kontena, earmarking our innovation in logistics halal core as the World Leader in Halal Container. Make Malaysia your in-transit and transhipment for Halal Global Connectivity.


Modular Warehouse

You can now RENT or OWN your choice of warehouse, with controlled atmosphere and option for halal certified, at your choice of location.

Our Global Presence